School with a difference 

In 2012,Madarsa Islamia Arbia M'ariful Qur'aan started a school with a pioneering concept of educating children with and without disability in equal number from nursery to class v. Starting with an integrated group of 30 children under a tree, the school now has about 100 children in Delhi

School has Special Sections for developmentally delayed children, hearing & visually impaired as well as those with multiple disability. Equal opportunities are given for other activities like sports, cultural programmes, vocational training etc. The school also has language, computer and science labs.

With the object of having inclusivity and providing comprehensive services, under the guidance of professionals at the Child Guidance Clinic and special educators, children are provided opportunities of social, recreational and vocational integration along with academic remediation as per need. 



Your personal involvement will be valuable for all of us in furnishing the new building. 

Tree plantation all around the building in delhi was done on 2011 .

Hon’ble Mr. Qureshi, Jama Masjid, Delhi visited Madarsa Islamia Arbia Mariful Quraan on 11th July, 2013.  He evinced keen interest in the activities of Madarsa Islamia Arbia Mariful Quraan with school children .He also promised to bear expenses for provision of special attention for our children.