Madarsa Islamia Arbia Mariful Quraan  has recently started short term courses in computer Training. 

Vocational training is an integral part of the curriculum.

The Trust run courses recognized by the Delhi State Council of Vocational Training :

  • Computer

In addition, students are provided opportunities for training in :

  • Computer Applications

Your personal involvement will be valuable for all of us in furnishing the new building. 

Tree plantation all around the building in delhi was done on 2011 .

Hon’ble Mr. Qureshi, Jama Masjid, Delhi visited Madarsa Islamia Arbia Mariful Quraan on 11th July, 2013.  He evinced keen interest in the activities of Madarsa Islamia Arbia Mariful Quraan with school children .He also promised to bear expenses for provision of special attention for our children.